(Classic Tour)


In the heart of the Andes, with more than 300 sunny days a year, this tour offers a rocky landscape with a unique variety of colours and textures and also meetings with the indigenous population, their festivities and rituals.


Basic tour (between 7 and 15 days suggested)

Cultural stays in the Argentine Andes


The colonial city of Salta


 ‘Calchaqui’ valleys  (named after the aboriginal cultures)

  • Quebrada de las Conchas (famous gorge)
  • Cafayate and vineyards
  • Ruins of the ancient Indian city of Quilmes
  • Cachi – –  Los Cardones National Park


 Tren de las Nubes (train in the clouds) route

  • Quebrada del Toro
  • San Antonio de los Cobres


Quebrada de Humahuaca

  • Salinas Grandes  (large salt plains)
  • Purmamarca
  • Tilcara
  • Huacalera
  • Humahuaca


Bolivian frontier

  • Yavi – La Quiaca –  Villazon
  • Pozuelos Lagoon
  • Valle de la Luna Cusi- Cusi   (Valley of the Moon)


During this tour you will be able to meet the aboriginal peoples, farmers of the green valleys, llama breeders from the plateau, craftsmen and artists, musicians and dancers from the Quebrada de Humahuaca, for an unforgettable experience.  The landscape is marvelous, with an important and large archaeological patrimony:  museums, pre-Columbian ruins, paintings and rock carvings.